I was born in California and raised all over the valley of Phoenix, Arizona. The majority of my work takes place throughout the Southwest, although I hope to have more opportunity to travel to the east coast and some other countries in the next few years. I am currently residing in North Phoenix.

I’ve been passionate about art all my life. I can still remember the days of elementary school when I learned how to use a woodburning kit to draw a small country cottage with a creek and water wheel. As the years went on I tried my hand at various other techniques, such as painting seagulls at a lake in a snow-capped mountain range, a painting my father still has to this day. I eventually combined my love for art as well as technology and introduced myself to the world of 3D animation, eventually earning my Digital Animation degree at Phoenix College in 2009. However, it wasn’t until I had my first extensive use with my father’s DSLR at The Wave in northern Arizona that I truly developed enthusiasm for photography.